Customize comment box size easily in Blogger

Blogger is a great blog site for bloggers that enables various valuable features and customizations. One of the most important features of a blog is the comment feature that enables you to get direct feedback from your readers.

Blogger empowers you to add this essential comment feature to your blog site to receive and exhibit the valuable feedback from your visitors and readers. When you select the comment feature option that is the standard option, the default comment box will be displayed right below your posts. The size of the comment box, height and width, is also the default size set by Blogger. This can be disadvantageous to your blog site, especially to its appearance, as the default box maybe narrower than your post. Having said that, now you can easily change the comment box size on your blog site.

You do not have to be an expert at coding or a pro with managing your backend.

You just have to understand and follow the steps mentioned below

How to change comment box width and height

  1. Go to Dashboard
  2. Select ‘Design’
  3. Click on ‘Edit HTML’
  4. Click on ‘Check’
  5. Select ‘Expand Widget Templates’
  6. Now all you have to do is search for the code (Ctrl + F):

<iframe allowtransparency='true' class='blogger-iframe-colorize blogger-comment-from-post' frameborder='0' height='410' id='comment-editor' name='comment-editor' src='' width='100%'/>

Step 7- Clear the current height and enter the new height that you want your new comment box to have. The above-mentioned example has height as 410px.

Step 8- Similarly, clear the current width from 100% with the desired value, but make sure that you do not put the ‘%’ anymore. For example, width= ‘500px’

Step 9- Once you are done with entering the new width and height, the ‘Save’ the template. This is very important, if you don’t save it, your dimensions will be lost.

Nine steps might sound too extensive, but after going through it, you will know just how simple it actually is. If you follow the steps as it is, there is no way you will get stuck and would not know what to do.

Benefits of changing comment box size

As we mentioned earlier, the default comment box size of Blogger maybe detrimental to your blog’s overall appearance. Comments from your readers will help you analyze and explore what the readers actually want, their likes and dislikes. And positive feedback, which you are likely to receive, deserves to be highlighted to give your blog post the limelight. That’s why, the comment box plays a vital role in giving your blog the attention it deserves.

The main benefits of changing the comment box size include:

  • Constructive appearance for your blog site
  • Unique and new look
  • More coverage to the comments section
  • The desired comment box size
  • Perfect alignment with the blog

The default comment box is old and conventional, we all want to look different and readers are always in for better layouts that come in as pleasant surprises. Moreover, go in for this change for the betterment of your blog site, as it will help you create positive hype for your blog posts.

Author: Krasen

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